Mopane worms are an important source of protein in rural southern Africa. Mopane worms are under attack from over harvesting, destruction of mopane woodland, global warming, predation and disease. Mopane worms population continue to decline especial in areas where mopane worms used to appear in millions. We are planting more mopane trees, educating local communities about proper ways of harvesting mopane worms. Cutting down mopane trees and branches is one method used to reach worms high up the tree however this has a devastating effect to the mopane woodland and mopane worms

Our effort to conserve mopane worms includes the following.

   Planting mopane trees

   Releasing a percentage of emperor moth back into the wild

   Educating communities not to cut down mopane branches    during harvesting

   Promote use of energy efficient charcoal stoves in turn thus reducing the number of mopane trees cut down for firewood