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  1. £2,850 or $3,477 Per Hectare

    Farming mopane worm can be more profitable than farming chickens, maize, tobacco, tomatoes, or even cattle ranching. Mopane worms are regarded as a delicacy in upmarket hotels and restaurants throughout Southern Africa. (Rebe 1999) estimated the value of mopane worm at £2,850 per hectare. Here at Mopane worm we think these figures are not far-fetched at all, we believe the figures could be actually higher than previously thought. Styles also estimated that out of the 20,000km² of mopane woodland found in South Africa there are mopane worms worth £57 million. At mopane worm we are greatly concerned by the ever dwindling number of mopane worms produced every year. The mopane worm population is under attack from over harvesting, destruction of mopane woodland, predation and global warming. Here at mopane worm we are looking to work with informal traders, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. We are also aiming to work with communities and educating them on sustainable ways of harvesting these worms. Cutting down mopane trees or branches is one method used to reach caterpillar’s high up the tree. The cutting down of mopane tree for fire wood in rural areas is another major drawback to mopane worm conservation efforts.

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