Here at Mopane Worms Enterprises we are dedicated to commercial farming and conservation of Mopane worms (Gonimbrasia belina). Mopane worm is a larvae of the Emperor moth which is found in southern Africa.  This large caterpillar is classed as a delicacy in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.  Demand for mopane worms is very high, as a business we are aware of this growing demand and we have positioned ourselves to be the major players in this industry. However mopane worms face a major threat from over harvesting, global warming and destruction of mopane woodland. At Mopane worms Enterprises we have invented and perfected a sustainable way of farming mopane worms. We are looking to working with new farmers, informal traders, hotels, restaurants and Governments 

Conservation: Mopane worms population is under threat from over harvesting, destruction of mopane woodland, global warming, predation and disease. The population continue to decline especial in areas where mopane worms used to appear in millions. At Mopane Worms Enterprises we are working hard to  help restore the mopane worms population nationwide.

Hotels, Restaurants, informal traders & Retail shops:  Tourist visiting Southern Africa are keen to try out mopane worms. When you buy our mopane worms we can assure you we cannot be beaten on quality and taste because our worms are left to fully mature before harvesting. Our worms are degutted,cleaned, cooked, dried and packed with our customers in mind.

Our Services

  Comprehensive mopane worms farming course

   Repopulate new and over harvested areas for (Governments and Private)

   Consulting services on mopane worms farming and sustainability.

   Mopane worms pupae for sale to new farmers.

   Dry mopane worms for sale to retail shop and informal traders.

   Mopane trees and seeds for sale to new farmers.

   Jackalberry young trees and seeds for sale to farmers.

   Mopane worms Agritourism for Governments and Private sector